Leaping frogs!

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Thank you soooooooo much for letting us stay at Flame Robin cabin – it’s such a wonderful cabin and I’m totally in love with the location. What a perfect spot!
We didn’t have a lot of luck finding frogs in New England NP (in fact, we saw no frogs at all there), but did hear and see Whistling Tree Frogs (Litoria verreauxii) here and there outside the park, and managed to record the calls of a few, including one at your dam. We also found one Bibron’s  Toadlet (Pseudophryne bibronii) on the side of the road near the highway (see attached photo, it would be the same species as at Two Styx, although we didn’t hear them there during our visit). Your new fencing looks fantastic- it will be exciting to see how it regenerates and how the frog fauna might change! Thank you once again- please do let me know if there’s any way I can help with anything. Dr Jodi Rowley.

Just asked the kids and this is what they said: ‘Amazing! Unbeatable! Just loved it! Loved every second of it!’ Cabin was great, very neat and had everything we needed.... Read more

Henriette & family (December 2014)

We met you last Tuesday and stayed 9 Oct in Flame Robin.  It was wonderful!  We have made the payment for 1 night to your account today.  Thank you so... Read more

Tom & Annie.

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