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Autumn is approaching.

The weather is starting to cool slightly after the first few weeks of autumn. Our Lipstick Maple (Acer rubrum) is showing a glimpse... Read more

Two Styx Quinces


Time to get the netting out and over the quince trees before the Crimson Rosellas catch sight of them! The quinces are just... Read more

Two Styx Blue Wren

Superb Fairywren

The Superb Fairywrens have been very busy around Platypus Cottage during summer. They love to show off, as do the Flame Robins, and are... Read more

Two Styx sunrise

Christmas at Two Styx

We had a fantastic Christmas at Platypus Cottage, thank you! The decorations and tree were a lovely addition. Only one fish caught but... Read more

Two Styx flame robin

Flame Robins on the go!

Our Flame Robins have been very active recently around the cottage. We are not sure how many we have although in late autumn we... Read more

Two Styx trout restocking

Restocking the local streams.

The annual restocking of the local streams is well under way with about 14 000 rainbow trout fry released last weekend. Volunteers from... Read more

Two Styx trout fishing

Fishing Workshops for kids!

The very popular Department of Primary Industry Fishing Workshops (recommended for 8 to 14 year olds) are about to commence for the new... Read more

Two Styx trout fishing

Cool fishing down on the dam.

Several chilly mornings last week did not stop these young fishers having an early spin on the dam just 150m from Flame Robin... Read more

Two Styx trout fishing

A little beauty in the dam!

A lovely rainbow trout hooked by a visitor last weekend in the Two Styx dam just 100 metres from Platypus Cottage. Although the... Read more

Two Styx frosty rhubarb

Winter is closing in!

Frosts are getting more frequent and heavy at Two Styx! Our rhubarb is battling on but won’t appreciate this setback. Thanks to Bill... Read more

Hi Russell, we loved our stay at Two Styx. You provided so many thoughtful touches, especially the books and magazines – thankyou. My partner Mark is a keen birdwatcher and... Read more

Randelle (October 2017)

Hi Russ thank you so much for hosting us – we absolutely LOVED Two Styx and we will be back! Although the weather was not on our side, still manage... Read more

David (February 2016)

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