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All very good. Nice and clean. I didn’t think towels were included in the extra linen cost previously. Not sure if that has changed since last time or I have... Read more

Trevor (May 2019)

I was going to email you this week to say Thank you so much & what a magnificent time we had at Two Styx.  It is a wonderful place &... Read more

Jodie (June 2019)

The cabin was just fine. The outside temperature meant that we didn’t use the south facing deck, but the sun coming in through the windows on the back wall was... Read more

Vern (June 2019)

We had no issues with the cabins….I was worried about the cold but the doonas were very warm.  The cabins were lovely and clean when we arrived.  We enjoyed the... Read more

Jenny (June 2019)

Had a great stay Russell. Thank god for the fireplace. Was probably -5 degrees on Friday morning. Probably be booking in again soon if OK. Might even book the family... Read more

Bob (June 2019)

Thanks, our stay was really good- we particularly enjoyed all the great reading material and cosy fire. We didn’t end up with the cot as Justin and Laura didn’t get... Read more

Jane (May 2019)

That’s fantastic the cleaner will think no one occupied the cottage, my life’s mantra is always treat someone’s property or them the way you wish to be treated. Just like... Read more

Mike, WalkAbout Active Living Koncepts (Armidale, May 2019)

The cottage was perfect, thank you. Your place is very well cared for and something to be proud of. And what a great location! We all enjoyed our stay, we were... Read more

Cheryl (March 2019)

Left early this morning. Fished the guy fox and a couple places on the styx. The place was great. Only thing I would have liked different would have been to... Read more

Ian (February 2019)

Thanks for checking, Russell! Yes, we had a great time, thank you! Didn’t get out to point Lookout, unfortunately, as the first two days were smoky, then the last morning... Read more

Red (February 2019)

The cabin was great. Had everything I needed to be a little home away from home. A beautiful part of the world, and even though the fishing was a bit... Read more

Rob (February 2019)

No issues with the cottage at all – it was great, very comfortable and clean.  I really appreciated how well set up it was with appliances, cleaning stuff – everything... Read more

Kent (February 2019)

That was good timing as I have only recently finished processing all of the images I took down there. We were quite lucky with the Flame Robin.  We had good... Read more

Graham (February 2019)

Our stay was great thank you. We did some bush walking in the park, road our mountain bikes and caught a small trout in the Little Styx  on your property.... Read more

David (January 2019)

I have had a cracker of an afternoon catching 2 brown and 1 rainbow trout (all went 28cm but were returned) out the front in the little styx. I hooked... Read more

Matt (January 2019)

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