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My stay was very nice. The cabin had everything that I needed. You’ve got a lovely facilities. I’ve tried to leave it clean and tidy. Unfortunately, due to the lack... Read more

Eduardo (January 2019)

Yes we had a little success fishing, but they were off the bite a bit. We didn’t try the DVD player again, we enjoyed having Foxtel too much. The DVD... Read more

Steve & Paula (January 2019)

We enjoyed staying at your lovely cabin without any issues. We will certainly be coming back to stay there. This is not a complaint but we missed availability of Internet... Read more

Jan (January 2019)

Thanks Russell and Jenny for your lovely cabin. We enjoyed our stay very much. The jar of marmalade was an unexpected but welcome gift. Oh, we also picked some of... Read more

Margaret & Georgina (January 2019)

Thanks so much for the stay at Flame Robin.  We loved it (and the lack of humidity).  So close to lovely walks at Point Lookout too. I left $10 in... Read more

Karen (January 2019)

Our stay was wonderful. We definitely booked at the right time as for the majority of the stay we had absolute privacy. It’s a truly beautiful patch you have there... Read more

Belinda (December 2018)

Our stay was great thanks.  We did have a storm and lost power but it was obviously a district matter and was back on around midnight.  I guess you already... Read more

Judy (December 2018)

Thanks so much for letting us stay with our dog. We had a great time. You have a great place. Very relaxing. Everything was good in the cabin except only... Read more

Meredith & Robert (November 2018)

We did have a great stay in your Lyre Bird cabin and of course enjoyed the walks etc including Point Lookout.  Everything was very comfortable and well equipped. I guess... Read more

Kevin & Leanne (October 2018)

Yes, the fishing was good-  the last day got 12 fish kept two hope to come back up in March.

Gwen & Jim (October 2018)

All good, the cabin was great, kitchen, fire, bathroom great. It rained constantly, managed a few walks around and a few photos, will definitely be back soon.

Michael (October 2018)

iI was great, got 3 fish, they weren’t really biting. The cabin was great, we will be coming back to stay there next time.

Liam (October 2018)

We had a wonderful time thank you – the house was so nice and warm – our first time staying near Pt Lookout in an insulated house! The kids enjoyed... Read more

Erika (October 2018)

We had a wonderful stay and wish we didn’t live so far away (Canberra) so that we could come more often. We are thinking of bringing our extended family one... Read more

Elaine (September 2018)

The stay was lovely, there were no issues with the cabin we all had a fantastic time. We’re looking at coming back up very soon, we would love to book... Read more

Hollie (August 2018)

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