Half an hour after you left 2Styx on Thursday I hooked and landed a 3.5kg fish from the dam. Put up a helluva fight until I got control. Chris netted it and we quickly got our photos before putting it back. This fish is in prime condition which tells me there is plenty of good tucker in the dam so I wouldn’t be concerned about the platypuses as they can forage where the fish can’t. Friday morning just before the Coffs Harbour flyfishing club people arrived I caught another big one, about 2.5kg and in good condition but had a bung right eye. With fish like these on tap you have a major asset on the property as long as it’s not dominated by clubs. The visitors have been catching fish so they will be happy. Had a lovely week, thoroughly enjoyable and the 2 big fish on fly was
the icing on the cake. You’re welcome to use the photos if you want to. We left the cabin clean & tidy and wood ready for next occupant.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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