Weekend was great, enjoyed thoroughly by our group, when i get some pics off the camera i will send u for your use and post a review on your website. Keep an eye on our facebook page, ARMIDALE ART GALLERY as i have posted and am expecting others to follow, leave it a couple of days though. All thought the setting, accommodation and facilities were topnotch. My only thoughts are when catering for a large group (15) like we had or more, a few more dinner plates would have been good, just enough though and at least one more large salad bowl would have been helpful. Very minor things and a great improvement on our last retreat where we were about 5 dinner plates short and cutlery shortage, eating in shifts, with very lttile in way of cooking gear. Only comment from participants was from one of our little old ladies, who had stayed in the 1st cabin, she started off with ‘just to let me know Daryl, she said ‘  I have killed a number of black spiders and wasn’t sure if I had eaten them while i slept’. Do with that what u will i suggest, maybe a fobia.
Personally I am not big on spraying spiders as the birds love them & use the webs to make nests. Anyway great weekend & thank you for the opportunity of using your facilities and we will spread the word. Large dead trout on the bank of the dam and another large one seen rising. No luck with catching though. PS. I seem to have come home with one of your large white ceramic baking dishing & in turn left my two serving spoons, (large wooden & a green plastic). Anyhow i got in all sorts of trouble from the wife for leaving them behind, something about grandmothers spoons or something, so am hoping to rtn your dish and retrieve my spoons to avoid further punishment.
As such Greg & i will be out there again in a couple of weeks, would it be possible to call in and do the swap ?? Will let u know of our plans when we get closer. Otherwise not sure if u come through Armidale at all on your way out/rtn from your cottages ?
Anyway great wknd, let me know your thoughts on the swap.Great effort in quality facilities, appreciated by all.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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