My stay at the cabin in Two Styx was very comfortable, convenient and easy, I had a great time thanks. I left a note but I wasn’t sure if you’d be up there soon. I got down to the river at Dinner Flat easily in the ‘ru and more importantly got back up again without any trouble. I went on Tuesday afternoon for a ‘reccy (met Allen) but it was sunny and hot and no good. I returned on Wednesday evening, caught (on a black nymph) and released a good rainbow, the length of my forearm from  elbow to fingertips, about 3lbs or more. I also caught and released a big rainbow in your dam yesterday morning – the same size or bigger than the above. Thanks for all your work and interest. I loved your dam and with the other places to fish I’m looking forward to returning either in late April or early December when I get a break from my choir commitments. I saw a little bird sitting on the fence next to the cabin, I thought, that  looks like a robin, it has a bright red front, then the penny dropped. I hope you get plenty of visitors to your cabins, you deserve to.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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