We loved the place … & didn’t want to leave!

Lyrebird cabin was fantastic.. very clean & tidy, cosy & a really great setup.

I did have a problem with the sensor light not shutting off though. I tried to adjust the timer but not sure if it’s quite right yet.

I got a call this morning from my mate Jeff.. when they got home yesterday they found that his wife has accidentally ended up with one of your dinner knives. They send their apologies. Could you please give me a mailing address so he can return it?

We had a lot of fun fishing the dam as the trout were rising often but the 4 fish caught were only around 7inches long & very hard to hook.. they must’ve been rising to something extremely small. We fished upstream from the dam right up to the scrub but didn’t see a fish along that stretch. We did see a good sized fish just downstream of the bridge though.

My wife & I drove down towards Dorrigo yesterday & I fished Coutts Water & landed 1 rainbow  of over a kilo & after a long fight lost one which was at least 2kg after he went under a log & broke me off! I think I tried 20 different flies to get the 2 strikes. That sightfishing was really great fun. We also loved Point Lookout.. that is spectacular.

We will need to stay for at least a week next time.. 3 nights is just not long enough!

Thanks for providing such wonderful accommodation.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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