We enjoyed the stay at Two Styx. Flame Robin Cabin is well fitted out and comfortable. There was plenty of room for just the two of us, but I think that it could get a bit crowded with more people.

We lit the fire on both nights and had cosy evenings sitting there reading. Your selection of magazines is great although I didn’t go past the Fly life and birdwatching ones.

The jar of rhubarb and date chutney was a great touch and we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, we are still enjoying the last of the jar.

The only thing that I noticed about the cabin was one of the heating lamps in the bathroom wasn’t working. The outside motion sensor light wasn’t working but I presume that is because it is switched off. I should imagine the wallabies and other wild life could play havoc with that if was left switched on.

It was great being close to the New England National Park. We went to Point Lookout and also went for a long walk on the Thursday and enjoyed the experience.

The dam was the only disappointment for me. I had expected it to be bigger from the photographs. I spent some time fishing in the dam both early morning and late evening. I didn’t catch anything although I tried a selection of the ‘recommended’ flies. Fishing is not all about catching but I was surprised about the lack of fish activity. I only saw two rises in the time that I was around the dam, and not all of it spent fishing. I also saw no sign of any platypus. However, the two ‘ducks’ on the dam had chicks which were cute but went into hiding at any sign of human activity.

The only other fishing that I did was in Guy Fawkes River at Ebor. I had trout rising to my fly but turning away at the last second.

I walked up the hill behind the cabins following the power line and went part of the way down towards Little Styx creek. I was quite keen to get down to the creek to investigate fishing, but the weather turned bad so I didn’t go all the way. Two questions:

  • What is the fishing like in Little Styx Creek where it runs through your property?
  • Are guest allowed to drive on the tracks that run in the easements under the power lines? Obviously it would require a 4×4.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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