Graham (February 2019)

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That was good timing as I have only recently finished processing all of the images I took down there. We were quite lucky with the Flame Robin.  We had good views of both the male and the female at the top car park at Point Lookout on Tuesday morning, and quite late on Thursday evening I saw a male in the Cottage grounds and managed to get some more photos. I also managed to get a half decent shot of a Forest Raven which we don’t see in QLD, but had no luck with the Olive Whistler.  Maybe next time! I’ll wait till I see the photos John took, and then we’ll send you down a copy of the best we managed to get. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay down there.  The weather wasn’t great on Wed & Thu and curtailed my hiking plans and our plan to shoot the sunrise from the lookout, but we managed a few acceptable sunrise shots on Friday morning before we left. We are talking about coming there again some time, and this time bringing the wives with us.  I just have to wait and see what eventuates with Fay’s knee.

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