Just asked the kids and this is what they said: ‘Amazing! Unbeatable! Just loved it! Loved every second of it!’

Cabin was great, very neat and had everything we needed. The fireplace was very handy for the first 2 days of cold and rainy weather. My son was very happy that he could make fire every day for the whole day and my daughter used the opportunity to get engrossed into a couple of books. Made quite a dent in the supply of firewood.. We celebrated the blue skies on Sunday and went to the lookout and the trout farm. Had a go at fishing at the dam, had some bites but couldn’t manage to hook one. Saw the platypi in the dam as well in the evening. Enjoyed the beautiful sunset and fresh air.

Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside, without wifi and any technology!

We struggled to get the BBQ going, but maybe it was the wet weather as well. A gas lighter would also be helpful since the matchboxes were a bit worn out on the sides.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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