Hi Russ, had a great time in Flame Robin last weekend. The extreme rain event meant we spent pretty much all our time in-doors, but that had really been the plan anyway as what we needed most was a quiet retreat – and we got that in spades! Loved the wood fire with all the cold, cloud and wet outside (although it was probably good that we’ve lived with one before and knew how to look after it). As weird as it seems, what I loved the most apart from the location and sheer coziness was the shower – lots of lovely hot river/tank water was a delight after a couple of years living with water restricted shower heads and bore water! Perhaps the only improvement I could suggest would be to get rid of the current couch (firewood anyone??) and replace it with something far more comfortable. If stuck indoors by the weather as we were for 2 days, the current one wasn’t really much chop and I ended up having to use my portable camping chair instead. The only other thing that may have been nice would have been a hand towel in the bathroom. All else great! Already looking ahead and thinking of a return visit next year for some more time out, as well as looking at the cottage as a potential retreat location for various groups from my church (as I’m the Pastor of a church in Gunnedah). Thanks again for the use of your cabin.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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