We had a lovely time in your cabin and enjoyed some beautiful walks with our dog Linus. I was particularly and pleasantly surprised to find such white sheets and towels (my favourite choice for linen), and the good quality magazines. My partner was happy since he’s an ex geophysicist and enjoys camping, trekking and camping around the world. We saw some beautiful bird life right on out balcony and were impressed with the hot abundant shower. We also enjoyed a game of scrabble.
I’m sure your wife must have had a big say in the details so kudos to her. She would probably appreciate that I also have an eye for detail so I’ll dare to mention that whoever is doing the cleaning is skipping some areas like under the cushions in the main sitting room. I had to rearrange them and saw that no vacuum cleaner had been used there for a while.  That led me to look under the main bed and found an interesting layer of all things. You can look at the photos attached.
We would love to go back sometime albeit, without our dog since he makes the trip quite restricting as to where where we can or cannot visit. If anything, perhaps we could dare to say that some fire  starters would come in handy as would some back-up heating. I have a very low body temperature (I only weigh 48 kg), and had to pile up on the blankets taken from the other beds.
You have a magical spot and as someone who doesn’t like camping (sorry, a city dweller), this was the perfect compromise with my partner who knows the area quite well. We arrived in Valla only three years ago and have not regretted one minute.
Thank you once again, and sorry if I was too pedantic about certain things but as an ex business woman, I like to give give feedback, regardless.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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