Yes all was great! The cottage is really well catered for and lots of good info (I could see myself staying there for 2 weeks straight (no phone service!)). I hope we left it clean enough for you. We did not use the linen or the doona’s on the beds. Also, just to let you know the towel rail in the main bathroom is loose (I would have tightened it up but I didn’t have a screw driver). Also, there was two large rainbow Trout dead on the side of the dam (about 600mm long each) when we got there… not sure if that’s normal? If we were to stay there again, do we have access to the whole property with a 4WD? Or motor bikes? We did not have it with us this time but I am wondering about next time. Also just out of interest, where is your water tank to the cottage? Just couldn’t work it out….

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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