We loved the whole fishing trip. The cabin and grounds were just perfect. Thank you so much for your fly tips which were put into good use. We fished the stream below the dam from the property boundary up to the front gate – some good patches of water worth trying earlier in the season.

The main attraction turned out to be the dam where my fishing buddy Mark used his own home made brown nymph aptly named Bill’s Wonder Nymph. I have never witnessed one person land so many as quickly or as easily.

Next time we’d like to try an early season weekend if only to see what damage Bill’s wonder nymph has on other stretches of New England water.  (Paul)


Thanks again for a great weekend at Two Styx. You have a great set up there and it brought back some memories. I stayed in the old cabin with  my wife about 15 years ago, it was a bit rougher back then compared to what you have now.

Yes, we did use the fire, it was still just burning when we left so we were unable to empty the ash from the fire, apologies.

I’ve attached a picture of one of the better fish of the trip. This one was around 50cm long and probably 3lb to 4lb. There are certainly some solid fish in the dam with good numbers and in great condition. They were certainly “on” on Friday afternoon and I lost count of how many we caught and the bulk were probably over 2lb. It turned pretty cool on Saturday and slowed the fishing down somewhat.

The Bills Wonder Nymph is tied using fur from Bill “The Wonder Dog” our Chocolate Labrador and a gold bead head around size 14. I’d say just about any light brown bead head nymph fished about 2 feet below an indicator will still work well.

I need to tie some more up as I’m running low so I’ll send a few down once I’m done.

I also really enjoyed watching a platypus that seems to have set up home in the dam going about its business for most of yesterday morning.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to coming back and bringing the whole family. (Mark)

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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