Our stay was perfect! We’ve found our idea of pure heaven on Earth and are intending on getting back up there ASAP and regularly! We utterly LOVE the place!!! So much so that we had planned to ask you about your policies with bringing our dog if we rented the main house during the quiet seasons so that we can stay up there for longer periods. Paul (the well known Bass fisherman of our area) has FINALLY met his challenge with trout fishing and has bought new fishing gear, if that gives you an indication of how keen he is to get back! As for myself (who was originally raised on a trout fishing farm in Oberon) I am so impressed with how you have set the farm up, and how well equipped with information the cabins contain about fishing and the local area. It’s fantastic. So you’re aware we did notice that the hot water service had tripped out on both of our visits. Not an issue – we just flicked it back on. But it was already off when we arrived on our second visit. And the light globe over the dining room table needs replacing. No issues at all for us, but unless you’re living in the house you may not be aware of those little things!!! We will see you again soon! You can expect our next booking within a couple of weeks. Thank you so much.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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