We had  a lovely actioned packed stay. We celebrated our xmas, visited Point Lookout (son-in-law’s had not been there), walked weeping rock, fished in the dam and caught a small trout much to the delight of Brian our son-in-law. Kissed and released it. Rose at dawn to view the Platypus, who put on a awesome performance. Sat on the veranda and observed the splendid Hares, blue wrens & red robin. Visited Ian & Katrina Adams beautiful garden at Serpentine Station and the Trout Hatchery. We also had some hotly contested dart games. We all thoroughly enjoyed the cottage, it is a credit to you and your wife, you have a great set up. The kids all said I did really well to source such a great place. As children we had taken them to the National Park Chalet a few times and that’s where we had planned to go until we saw your sign and I googled your fabulous web site.
So thank you for sharing such a beautiful property!!!

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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