We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 night stay at Flame Robin Cabin. We expected to have some idle time, but there was so much to do and see in the area that we really needed an extra night, because we didn’t get to fully explore your large property and other nearby NPs. We did walks in the Point Lookout NP, including seeing the sun rise from the lookout; a 15km return walk along Cunnawarra Trail; a walk in the Styx Forest to the river; several waterfalls; trout hatchery, etc. The location right at the edge of the NP is excellent. Watching the Flame Robins scavenge immediately in front of the cabin was a delight, as was seeing the trout jump for food; and of course wallabies, ducks, etc. The cabin was very comfortable (apart from the sofa)  and warm (love the wood-fired iron fire) and had all we needed for cooking.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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