Try your hand in our dam, all year round, next to Platypus Cottage (catch and release only please!) or the Styx River and Little Styx Creek which both run through our property. Or if you need to travel a little further drive to the Serpentine River, Guy Fawkes River, Jock’s Water, Alans Water, Coutts Water, Little Murray and the Bielsdown River at Dorrigo. There is a list of suggested places to fish in the information folders in the cottage and cabins. Check out a local map provided by the trout hatchery of the local streams – Two Styx Local Streams.

A few fishing tips from my brother Steve

I have fished his place a number of times. It is a joy to fish. The dam has wild trout in it that are not hard to catch but the creek / river below it, which is quite small, is challenging, and, for me, much the preferred option. It has plenty of fish. Grass grows thickly to the edge of the stream so insects are prolific. Small Royal Wulfs and Royal Humpies (14/16) work well. If there are flying ants about – just about any hot afternoon –  it is  waste of time using anything but a red ant pattern. Tiny brown nymphs suspended under a wulf or under an Iron Blue Dun are good too. I fish very light – 2 or 3 weight 7ft + longish, light leader + 3lb tippet. But the rod matters less than the leader. Keep your head down because the fish are cunning and easily spooked. There is easily a day’s fishing just downstream of Two Styx.

Don’t forget your NSW Recreational Fishing Fee!

The well stocked LP Dutton Trout Hatchery, which has an excellent visitors centre including an aquarium & theatrette and the chance to feed the rainbow and brown trout in the breeding ponds – lots of fun for the kids!  (7km along Point Lookout Road).

Check out the NSW Rodfishers’Society, the oldest flyfishing club in Australia.

The NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers is the largest and most active freshwater fishing organisation in Australia. The NSW CFA is gathering information in their Fishing Guide to North Coast and Ranges.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has a Primefact, New England Recreational Fishing Guide, covering closures, maps, fishing rules, catch & release and fishing seasons. Size and bag limits.

Check out the recent rain at Point Lookout BOM station which is about three kilometres away.

Excellent family accommodation in a beautiful rural setting

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